Fraser & Mountain – Monash University Clayton. Installation of 1 Megawatt Solar Heating System.

Fraser & Mountain are currently undertaking the installation of a one (1) megawatt solar heating system at Monash University in Clayton Victoria.

This will be one of the largest in Australia, the system will be able to support the University’s future summer district cooling requirements due to the large numbers of absorption chillers used on the site, and of course there will be some support of heating systems and interim periods of the year.

Fraser & Mountain’s Apprentice Wins Prestigious Industry Award. (Mechanical Services Plumbing)

At  the 2016 Plumbing & Fire Industry awards, Fraser & Mountain’s plumbing apprentice Jack James won the coveted Mechanical Services Apprentice of the Year award. Well done to Jack and the staff that have supported him during his apprenticeship.

The Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards is a new joint initiative driven by key industry stakeholders Master Plumbers, NFIA, PTEU and PICAC